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The joys of phone backgrounds

One thing I love to do to freshen things up, especially now that spring has arrived, is my iPhone lock screen and home screen. Normally, I change it when I’m aggravated and starved for change, or I find an image that I love from one of my favourite comics, TV shows, anime, or video games. Seeing the brand new change and my favourite character makes me feel warm, happy and encourages me, especially if I have a hard day (which aren’t often. I love my day job, after all).

The Diamond Previews website is one of the best things I’ve found as a resource for comic book related lock screens. Each week, Diamond will post the cover of single issues that are coming out in comic book stores that week. Usually the images are free of the series title, issue number, names and barcode. For anime-related images, I hop onto Several of the images don’t have any sort of unwanted text such as the title of the series and such. In the case for my favourite live-action series, such as The Flash or Sherlock, I usually have to scroll through Google until I find one that has the perfect resolution.

These are great resources to use, however it drives me crazy when the image I want to use for my lock screen doesn’t always work as a home screen. It can make the home screen look busy and sometimes any apps I have are hard to see (even more so since I have awful eye sight). Which is where Photoshop—or another image related program—comes in.

phone background

Above are some phone backgrounds that I made through Photoshop to accompany the covers of Radioactive Spider-Gwen issue two and the video game Code:Realize. Because I use the iPhone 6, my screen resolution is 750 X 1334 pixels. In the past, I have struggled to make the perfect accompanying background with a minimal graphic design background. After much frustration, I decided to stay basic—which is why I decided to stick with gradients and in one case, a simple patterned background. Extremely simple, they go well with the colour scheme of any image I choose. In the case of Spider-Gwen, I chose colours that are on her costume. To give a pop of colour, I used a neon pink at the top and blue at the bottom since I have many several blue apps on my screen. To separate the two colours better and give a clean separation, I created a brand new layer and placed a thin white gradient in between.

In the case of Code: Realize, the main heroine has shade of teal/green eyes and a chocolate brown Victorian outfit. I decided to take it to a shade of blue and made a gradient with the blue on top to accent the lovely colour her eyes are, and a background with an outline of stars.

I’ve been following this scheme for quite sometime and it has worked beautifully for me. I often upload the finished products to my Dropbox account so I can use them later on so they don’t take up space on my phone.

For a few other ones I have made, I’ve also merely lighten the image itself so instead of it being so strong in colour, it’s faded out and I can still glimpse at my favourite characters, while fiddling with my mobile devices.

This little trick should work for any phone–or even a tablet–so have fun with it! Hopefully my graphic design skills will improve so I can do more!


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