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YEG PopNow!

A monthly round-up of the various pop culture events happening throughout the Edmonton area.

Variant Edition Move

August 30, 2016
Variant Edition is the new cool kid on the block when it comes to comic shops. Promoting an inclusive atmosphere, the store has been a huge force when it comes to lectures and events that promote the various communities that make up this fabulous world. To help build up the west end’s pop culture, owners (and the real world version of a super star team-up) Brandon Schatz and Danica LeBlanc will be moving Variant there while Variant’s magical wizard, Brendan Capel, will be remaining in the shop’s old location to expand his role as a community leader in the Magic: the Gathering scene.

In-Store signing at Happy Harbor with Fred Kennedy

August 25, 4-7pm
If you’re a big fan of Telatoon at Night’s Fred Kennedy, then you’ll be happy to know that he’ll be heading to our fair city to sign copies of issue two from his new series, the Fourth Planet. Guests will be able to chat with Kennedy about his experiences as a TV host and as a writer. In the Fourth Planet, human slaves crash into a planet with three warring alien races, some which have only started using gunpowder weaponry. Horribly outnumbered, the group are thrown into the war of the planet’s native species.

In-Store signing with Vic Malhotra

August 31, 4-7pm
Well-known for his artwork on Image Comic’s Roche Limit, Malhotra has a new book coming out courtesy of IDW. He’ll be at the popular comic store to mark the debut issue of The Killer Inside Me. Guests will be able to meet the other half of the series and can enter a contest where the winner will be eligible to win a sketch from Malhotra himself. The Killer Inside Me is an adaption of the novel by Jim Thompson and follows Lou Ford, a small-town deputy who seems slow and boring but really hides a sickness that rears its head once more.


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